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(no subject)
« on: June 08, 2004, 07:20:53 PM »
Ahh yes...about this update, I'm making a story not a game. I'll remove somethings from my site, it will mostly be dedicated to this story.

I might start a game if my story becomes sucessful. Just thought I'd tell you.

Post your thoughts. Ill post the first chapter in a  couple of days, Saturday at the latest.
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\"Runaway with my heart...
 Runaway with my hope...
 If I could make you mine...I\'ll go whereever you will go.\"

\"So lately, I\'ve been wondering...
 Who will be there to take my place...
 When I\'m gone, You\'ll need love...To light the shadows on your face.\"

\"If a great wave should fall...
 It would fall upon us...
 Well I hope there\'s someone out there...Who can bring me back to you.\"

\"Way up high or down low...I\'ll go wherever you will go.\"

\"Runaway with my love.\"

In your heart and mind, I\'ll stay with you all of time...