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There are some minor updates on the story, also relating to how the towers ended up being built and a bit bout our friend Zeragul:

Zeral is not just some dumb schmuck off the street, he is a prince of the Varundi Continent. His country was falling into ruin arund him, one that enamored him as a little kid. He was walking in the woods near the eastern mountan range, a frequent haunt of his, And found a green crystal, about the length of a middle finger and about one quarter that width and depth. He did some experiments with it as he is somewhat skilled in scientific pursuits, and he found out of its energy storage capability. He was elated, his country was saved!

But the king would have nothing to do with it, he was not to fond of new things, especially some strange crystal. So, crushed beyond words, Zeral started a small mining company, one that ay stay under Father's radar and mined the cryatals. His team made some major advances in technology. He then tride to get the information off the continent to start selling it to the world, to save the kingdom. By now the "trusty" crystal was starting to affect him noticably. His eyes got a strange gleam in them occasionaly and he was more gruff than he was before.

His company eventually went global, bringing on a Golden Age for Santos...soft of.

Now, about the Tentari...

The Tentari came here by "teleporting" through a couple of the megalithic sites on Santos. Most were not scared in the least because for some reason they felt like old friends (they in fact met in some strange metamind thingy, which is how they decided to go to Santos). About 20 or so thusand Tentari came here before Zeral's company went global. He saw them as an asset. Slaves...

He had his troops capture about three hundred Tentari to work in some of the factories. He saw that they were very strong, so he used them mercilessly. But he did not firugre on something, whey are also strong of mind.

Most of the Tentari destroyed the factories and fled, Zeral never even tried to look for them he was too dumbfounded (by now he is completely corrupted). He did manage to use them to build the Zerache towers though, using the prevailing religion to name them. These towers ensured the world of efficient energy for all time, or so they thought.

Reports began circulating bout strange attacks on people by normally docile creatures, mass amnesia and the like. Most were eventually suppressed but some made it through, insiders with the company knew all about it.

Tires (Garak's father) worked for the company not as a slave but as an engineer, building all kinds of devices and weapons that run on Zerache crystals. He was in the defense division. He was mortified with all that the company was doing to the people that he and all Tentari call kith-yi - family (family is most imortant and highly regarded in Tentari society). He heard one day about some other experiments that made his blood boil!!!

Some from the company worked on augmentation technology, on Santosi and
Tentari alike, as the Zerache in their cells and also their "DNA" (six nucleotide pairs with a possible "ghost" neucleotide) are easily alterable with the right techniques.

He decided enough was enough. They must be stopped. SO he got some loyal people to start gathering all the files on all the technology and the goings-on in the company. What he found scared him beyond belief. He and this group decided the public needs to know. The info was disseminated through discrete channels through a strange want ad, for able-bodied individuals for odd jobs for a security firm. Thus formed the Saguire.
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