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« on: April 03, 2004, 01:41:54 PM »
Here is my updataed Charactor. I changed him a bit.

Name: Dude Man

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Class: Knight

Race: Humen

Weapons: Buster Sword, Iron Sheild

Hair: Spikey, dark orange

Facial Hair: none

Height: 7ft

Weight: 175 pounds

Clothing: Dark red/brown shirt and dark blue pants

Armor: Leather Armor


Speed Slash:
Swipes his sword at an insane speed. Almost imposible to dodge.

Dude Man is with a small group called the Brotherhood of Knights. He is the seventh best of them but that is out of seven. He barely made it into the group. He get's made fun of alot from his fellow knights so he usealy dosen't spend much time around them. He is however very fun to have around. He's the life of the party is he's at one! He likes to drink and smoke alot so which may cause some probloms for his party members however he's very strong and can take alot of hits from his enemies.

Personality: Dude Man, is very clumsy. He's a complete show off with his skill even though he lacks alot of it.

Okay now I hope that wasn't stupid or anything. Because you have to forgive me I'm kinda stupid myself. I admit I'm not very smart at all... :rolleyes:
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