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Re: Dark Age Legends
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- Factory of Dark Science -

Explosions tore the assembly lines apart.  Bits of metal flew to and fro as the metal-spider-thing that was once Vincent dashed apart the machines like so much wads of paper.

Renard dashed in between the production lines, frantically weaving back and forth through thin air as he dodged the metallic blades.  Soon the floor could take no more, and the very ground crumpled to dust under the spider's multiple stabs.  Though the fox could fly, a stray ceiling panel smacked Renard in the head and he tumbled down towards whatever travesties awaited him in the floor below.

He landed with a soft *thud* on something wooden... an airship deck?  Yes, of course-- the secret airship lab was located underground.  The silver-furred fox dodged a few stray shards of metal as the ceiling rained its debris.  The metallic-spider thing landed on the far side of the deck and struggled to regain its bearings-- eight shining blade-arms sprawled amongst heaps of machinery.

Renard flew backwards some thirty feet and prepared a spell, his hands crackling with crimson flame.  As the giant spider stood however, much to his surprise it clunked away from him and towards the airship's control tower. Huh?  What was it doing?  His mouth dropped as he watched it stick its blade-legs into the ship's hull and a few more into the walls where the control room stood.  They seemed to melt... merging with the ship...

Sudden realization dawned on him.  This was the experimental ship!  But what were they talking about in the meeting... that it needed a brain?!  Renard watched in horror as the spider melted and fused into the side of the control room.  The innards of the mighty airship began to rumble...

By the gods!  Vincent was fusing with the airship!

Panic welled in Renard's heart.  Where as he had tried to kill the Captain, all he had done was help create a horrifying monster...

No!  He could stop this!

Snarling, he zipped into a hatch and began to rocket down twisting hallways, zipping and zagging at each turn.  As he progressed, the ship itself became alive-- floors burst open, pipes snatched at his feet, steam erupted in his face-- all the innards of the ship tried to kill him.

Then he was there.  The inner core... the NGOs...

Sighing, he extended his hands, spells swirling about.  He wished he could have seen home one last time...


A blinding light emerged form the center of the Factory of Dark Science, rocketing skyward and parting the clouds.  A deafening blast blew apart the walls, scattering the bricks and metal like droplets of mud as a massive mushroom-shaped crimson plume erupted from the edifice as it disintegrated heavenward.


It was bright... so bright...

Renard opened his eyes and squinted.  Whiteness surrounded him.  Nothing but white...

"H-huh?"  His voice echoed through infinity.

He heard the shuffling of metal and turned-- there-- some towering black figure... crimson eyes, horned helm.... oh no...


The figured chucked, though more benevolently than one might expect.  "Heh... sorry."  He removed the black-horned helm from his head, revealing the face of another Velken. "I don't do this act much anymore, anyway."

Renard watched as the Velken removed the bulky black armor, slipping out of it with ease.  The black-armored chest opened and out stepped a gray fox about his size-- which was less than half the armored figure's original height.  He wore a simple black cloak, extending his hand to the now wide-eyed Renard.

Renard blinked... the sliver-furred fox looked vaguely like his master, but somehow more carefree, and younger.   Definitely younger.  "Lord Virmir?"

"Ha ha... Yes, that is my name, but I'm different than the one you know. Now, shall we go?"

"Go where?"

"Home, of course!"

Renard looked at his hands, then the whiteness surrounding him, then the one calling himself Virmir. "Am I... dead?"

Virmir grinned.  "No.  Heroes never die."

Renard scratched his muzzle, then nodded. "Okay... let's go."

The End
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Re: Dark Age Legends
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~ Ariosis, Azzken Endor (capital) ~

"It's time to finish the fight..." The small group continued to march toward the capital, weapons drawn. The army of Ariosis awaited them, before the entrance to the city. But to the suprise of everyone in the field, "Emporer" Gracchus stepped ahead of his army and crossed his arms. He was rather large for a Drannivolkan, but it was still nothing to the towering Aaron Grey over him.

"So... the old ex-emporer wants to take his lands back, does he? Well, I've some news for you. I will agree to give it back..." At that point, Gracchus pulled out a brilliantly shining steel longsword. He held it out towards Aaron, who was now a mere 2 some feet away, with his crystal sword drawn.

"But only if you can take it back... HYA!" The sly Drannivolkan attempted to stab the old ex-emporer; to his dismay, he was no fighter, and lunged into nothing with his blade, falling into the grass, his blade flying out of his hands. At this moment, Aaron grabbed him around the neck and held him up a whole foot or so off the ground.

"Fine," he said as he held his other hand back, aimed at Gracchus' throat, "I'm taking it back." With that, he thrust the whole blade through Gracchus' juggular and slashed it out; blood stained the surrounding grass. As the now-deceased emporer lay in the grass, the army behind him went down to one knee.

"The fighting is over... at last..."
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Blarghul-flarggen... Idk, I would have put an awsome quote down here, but a demon baby ate most of \'em, and the rest, everybody else has. So there...

Blarghul-flarggen, fool.

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Re: Dark Age Legends
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- Unknown -

Akran looked up into the sky as the life drained from his trembling body. Where was he? How was he dying? These thoughts barely entered his mind as he exhaled for the last time, never to breath again.

... ... ...

- Somewhere at Sea -

"Oh, my, GOD!" cried Martin, "A hurricane!" Martin flung himself from the ship as the Shadowshot flew up in the air never to be seen again!

... ... ...

- Up in the Clouds -

Day ?

I guess I'm dead because no one came to save me. Fuck.


... ... ...

- Cloud Palace -

Kraaz: "Oh shit. I'm dying! I guess there was a link between me and Akran and he must be dead now! Noooooooo! Goodbye cruel world!"

~ The End ~
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Re: Dark Age Legends
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- Hell -

Everything was burning, Duilin trapped in his demon form chased Abodos into the burning pits of hell. This is where it would end.

Using the techniques his father taught him, he would give him the most ironic death ever. He lifted his hands about him and gathered energy from all the death around him, and being in hell there was a lot of it. All the blood and gore started to gather up in a giant ball of bleeding energy above his head.

Abodos noticing this charged towards Duilin, and at the last moment Duilin threw the mighty Blood Bomb at Abodos, nearly point blank, there was a massive red mushroom cloud, and everywhere it started to rain blood. And there Duilin stood, back in his normal form. His rage has been settled and now he can rest.

- Gaian -

Valos, Marshall and the team smashed up what's left of Kandarin. Duilin comes back and kicks more ass. Everyone is happy.

La Fin...
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