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« on: October 09, 2006, 08:07:34 AM »
It may appear that a lot of characters, both NPCs and playables alike have names similar to some of the known TK community personalities. While it's not a coincidence, H:F is definitely NOT a community game. We already have a community game in the works(TKLand) and H:F does not plan on competing.

Then why are there cameos?

First off, it's personal preference. I happen to stumble upon cool-sounding names around the community and decided to "borrow" the names. Some characters however are really derived from my closest online buddies(At least way back then).

Second, the roster for characters is final. If ever we decide to "borrow" someone else's username, he/she can only be a NPC, either a quest-giver, plot-related, or just a wandering creature. He/she could even be a monster. We ask permission before using their names anyway and a brief description of their characters in game.

Lastly, don't ask us to include you. While I'd love to do it, it all depends on how you can fit in the game. If we keep on adding people, we'd never get finish. Hell, it's taking forever to finish as it is! Razz
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