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It seems unfair that we get to keep the game's plot to ourselves, so let us reveal them to you little by little. Of course you are free to comment and maybe convince us to change things if you see fit, but please don't get offended if we do not follow your suggestion Razz

The whole plot of H:F takes place after an infamous war. Heraldry is a whole series and H:F is just part of an anthology, so it's expected that things get complicated and somewhat hard to understand (but here's me ignoring that possibility after playing Silent Hill Razz ). The world is known as Increstia; where people have come to live and survive after the war known as the Great Divide.

Initially, the world was at peace, with 5 different races thriving upon it:

Croissans, who were the natives. Their culture is similar to that of aristocratic humans, being goverend by a single ruler, whose throne will be passed to its own bloodline, much like monarchy. Croissans live on top of massive floating islands, establishing their cities and smaller towns. They have wings, which is also their society status. They fled from the lowlands because it was littered with wild and savage creatures and flew to the floating lands. Unfortunately, these floating lands are barren so occasionally they had to conduct dangerous hunting and agricultural expeditions just to get through the day.

ErthKeepers, who were nature's followers. ErthKeepers are widespread all over the universe. Their primary goal is to proliferate domestic and agricultural lifeforms in a planet. Eventually they move from one planet to another, right before the planet reach its lifeforce support limit, then explode. It was the ErthKeepers who brought life to the desolate planet thrived only by wild creatures by bringing domestic animals and growing more plants.

Jinees are beings of pure energy. They are born of the stars and materialized into intelligent beings. They harness vast technology that humans are still longing to grasp. What's wonderful about them is that they have managed to combine mental and spiritual prowess. They thrive on ocean masses, building cities on top of it. The reason why won't be told here Wink

Ruecians are mysterious creatures that can harness space and time. They are mostly magic users whose lives depend on the stones in their foreheads. They live on the mountaneous regions mining for more stones and offering into their queen who can bring them to life. They transfer from one planet to another when they've consumed all the minerals.

Humans also came to thrive onto the planet. Earth and Mars are getting quite crowded and the discovery of this planet has paved a way for a new habitat. The humans who were able to live in this planets are those powerful ones only; the richest of the rich, and their slaves of course.

The planet was called Nachram, a reversed native Croissan word Marchan meaning war.

Inevitably, the thirst for conquest would overcome them and as tension heats up, it ended up in a war called Great Divide. This great war resulted in the actual erruption of Nachram, creating a two-halved planet. Races became extinct with others fleeing and others dieing. Croissans were wiped out, leaving only those in sacred and protected places alive; ErthKeepers left the planet, while others decided to stay behind and continue their duty; Ruecians were driven to extinction, although their ability to harness time and space made them able to send young ones either into the past or future, or even in another dimension; Jinees were also wiped, leaving their main city, Jinea sinking into the ocean with only a handful of survivors; Humans died, leaving the preserved/hidden children and women underground, where they are bound to wake up and rebuild the city.

Of course before the Great Divide there were already cross-breeds, but it only happened between Humans and Croissans, or Humans and Ruecians. After the Great Divide, the number of cross-breeds have grown, which started populating the land. The land had 3 continents. The western continent was called Increstia, where the old city of Croiss, although in ruins, survived. The people, who only few of them are pure Croissans, started rebuilding the city. The number of wild creatures have decreased greatly, so they were able to settle on lowlands. They bolted the floating mass, preserved the castle, and established their town underneath it. This town later became a prosperous city and was called Skyra; after their Queen Nymphia Skyra, a hero of the Great Divide. Other Increstians expanded southward, and established their towns: Kadmia, Kadmia Port, Durham, Aurea and many others. Kadmia was located near the origial Cadmia city, where the Erthkeepers have lived. They named their town after the wise ErthKeeper leader. The eastern continent became populated by Human-Croissan-Ruecian breeds. The kingdom of the Black Moon was established, along with a subcity of the old Ruecian City(Ohollah), Karthagi. There were other vilages, but unlike Increstia, this continent has no name, since the people are not unified(Karthagi is still of pure Ruecian with some Ruecian-Humans), while Black Moon is of Croissan-Human. The third continent, was an unchartered land, but mainly inhabited by ErthKeepers and their creations: Nymphs, Dryads, Elves, Faeries, etc.

Each continent is unaware of the existence of the others, so they believed that the land to where they live in is the whole planet itself that used to be Nachram.

Of course, expeditions wre made. It was a common drive for Human and Human-bred species to research and learn. Increstians started exploring their own land, chartering every town and special locations, as well as creatures that inhibit certain places.

Probably the most famous Increstian carthographer and historian was Dr. Automond, as he was the one responsible for establishing the map of Increstia, chartering the vast geographical mass. It took him and his team a valuable amount of time--years to be more pronounced, before the standard map was established. Two of his most trusted companions were Dr. Kenneth Moonault and Dra. Anita Ilden. Dr Moonault was an exceptional mathematician and writer, as well as Dra. Ilden. Automond's accomplishment would never be possible without the aid of the two so they are revered just as highly as Automond.

Later Automond became a professor at Aryx Academy, while Kenneth and Anita got married and had their only daughter. They named her Freija. At a very young age (as soon as Freija learned how to read) Freija was educated with the history of the world and how everything came to be. She also had a very early schooling with her parents as her mentors. Due to her nature, Freija learned quite fast, memorizing their history by heart.

While it may be said that everything is going quite happily, conflict soon arose with the declaration of a sea expedition. No one has ever gotten far from Increstian land and it was quite believed by just about everyone, except for Freija's parents. Kenneth, as wise a mathematician as he is, simply pointed out the huge possibility of existing continents beyond the vastness of the ocean; that they are not alone, and Increstia's believed land mass is too small to represent the remnant of the once massive Nachram planet. while not much accounts of eroded lands have been recalled, it is simply explicable that land masses became separated due to earthquakes that caused them to be divided. automond simply dismissed this argument and claimed that the other land masses may have been part of the other half of Nachram. Due to influence, the Queen was led to beileve Automond more than the couple, so the funds for a sea exploration was denied. Enraged, Kenneth declared an independent expedition in front of the court.

At a young age of 14 Freija's parents enthrusted her to their family servants: the Gnomes. Filipo the guardian, Monom the father, Athos the chemist, Rethos the mechanic, Kookai the tamer, Mosha the mother, and Kiki, the youngest of the bunch. Freija grew up with them so nothing much has really been different for her. Her parent's mission is completely understandable for her, for she dreams of being a historian one day. Freija longs for her parents naturally, but she never had any hatred for them having to leave her behind. Freija started studying at Aryx Academy at age 13 when her parents could no longer be there to teach her. she was left with a considerable amount of fund to support his study. Furthermore, her parents were a personal friend of the Skyran Minister, whose only daughetr, Meridelle, is a best friend of Freija's, albeit some years older.

As Freija grew up, she started grasping more and more about her world, and the things that she's learning from Aryx. She started questioning some facts taught to her, as they seem to conflict with what her parents taught her, plus they do not really seem to add up, at least in her view. It was this insistent behaviour that led Freija to being expelled from the academy. Actually, she is only to be suspended by challenging her History professor, Dr.Automond, but she decided to quit school and start on her own chase for her dream. With much persuasion by Meridelle and her father, Freija has stood her ground. She shall set out and learn the ways of the world on her own, and experience what every historian experienced in their documentations. She set out to show the world the truth that has been kept away from their knowing.

At a rightful age of 18, Freija, accompanied by her most trusted guardian and friend, Filipo, started on a journey that will forever be marked in the history of Increstia.

Yeah it's long, isn't it? And that's just the introduction. More events are likely to happen on the way. As an epilogue....

The continent to the west was discovered and named Liahonne, after the Lion-shaped land. The southern continent was named Oblivia, but no other supporting documents were found except for some numbers of poems and songs. Increstia continent was renamed Imperia. The new established planet is now called Increstia; after their great Croissan Queen Increstia.

One day of the week was named after Freija, which was Frida, formerly Vienna(Friday). Freija was never heard of eversince. She never came back to her hometown, but rumors has it that she stayed in Oblivia, along with her parents.
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